New Product
8601M(LED Magnifying Lamp)

Lens size: 5 ̄
Diopter: 3D
Rechargeable and 4-Level Dimmer
Flexible Gooseneck, Touch-sensitive Control Panel
With 3 LED lenses
Light: 3 LEDs
Input voltage: DC 12V with adapter
Power: 3x1W
Battery: 500mAh Lithium Cell
Battery working time: 1h
Life of LED: 20000h
Luminance: 260lm
Color available: white, black

Highlight: Patent Application on LED Magnifying Lamp---Use 3 LED Lenses to improve the light distribution, gathering all light to the area under magnifier, no dark area, no glaring.

The Function of Portable & Rechargeable LED Magnifying Lamp1.The LED Magnifying Lamp is portable: can be used wherever you want, no limited of power cord, easy use.
2.The LED Magnifying Lamp is rechargeable: with rechargeable Lithium Cell, can be used without outer power supply, avoiding the inconvenience of power failure, can work 1 hour without outer power supply, can be recharged directly with adapter when power insufficiency.
3.4-Level Dimmer: the LED light can be regulated according to your requirements, more convenient and comfortable.

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